I3 & XFCE question

Big improvement. The icons sizing etc., are a massive improvement. Without all the candy bars top and bottom it looks like a workspace. I would use this for sure, barring the fact that Gnome 2 is soo legacy. :cold_face: jk

Now it’s time to switch to vi or even vim. :wink:

speaking of legacy, where do you change the screen lock at ? :upside_down_face:

Nano is more better :nerd_face:

Speaking of Legacy Hayden, how do you change the lock screen timeouts:)
PS nano is better :-P

Lol. I am a nano fan too. Vim and vi … Whew … Nano all the way. That’s always on the list of first programs to install.

I haven’t played around with the lock timeouts as yet. Right now Mate is still controlling my lock, so I would have to look for it under the Mate settings.

The lock timeouts are in ScreenSaver Preferences.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Apparently I just needed to go in there and re-save the settings?

It quit locking the screen after 5 minutes at least :smile:

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Lock screen. Hmm good question. For gnome 3 it’s gdm. Not sure if that package is used with mate?

Lol at you both. As far as DEs vs WMs. Nano would be the DE and vi the i3 in the conversation.

vi/m may seem a bit awkward at first but its more superior and faster to use once you master the keyboard shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Well it (MATE) uses light DM and i3 uses it’s own (as per the video you posted) but apparently i3 will use MATE’s so that little thing is fixed.

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So emacs is the proverbial fat girl? jeez your picky :joy:

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Love emacs! lol

We are spoilt with options.