Would you consider Arch to be for more experienced users?

I have considered switching to Arch but have changed my mind a number of times now. I know a decent amount about Linux but Arch just seems to be more advanced to me. I have been told this by some other Linux users to avoid it until I am more comfortable with the terminal and everything.

Would you consider Arch to be for more experienced users or could someone with average to moderate Linux knowledge make use of it?

I tried arch once on a Android TV box a while ago, I found it difficult to use. it did seem for advanced for my taste. I tried installing wifi drivers but couldn’t get the darn thing to work.
I’m more of a Debian guy anyhow.

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I wouldn’t say more for beginners. But rather more for those who have the time and a machine to play and learn with.


Yeah I have heard about this. It seems like you really have to be invested in Arch and learn it top to bottom to make the most of it. This is why I have changed my mind several times.

Yeah. I gave up on Arch. I like it for docker containers, but that’s about it.

I use arch,can’t recommend it for beginners as the learning curve is rather steep(before you enjoy it fully)

However it is perfect if you want to learn how to set up something from scratch and install only what you need and use the DE of your choice:)

If you have the time to learn new commands in terminal etc then its good and as lightweight as you make it:)

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It is more complex than most other distros but that doesn’t mean it is hard to use. I think it really just depends on your usage. Some people are just used to using a very simple setup and others are more open to a complex OS. I’d say you have to be somewhat “tech-savvy” to be able to use Arch.