Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Welcome! It’s great to have you here. Looking forward to learning and sharing also.

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Hi there . I am new here. I am full time system engineer. i manage enterprise datacenter system in real time. I like to play with server and storage and Virtual machines.


Hi @mehedi.hasan welcome to the tech community! Sounds like you will fit right in. Thanks for joining.

My name is Joseph Shanahan from Waterford, Ireland. I had a few lame starts with linux dating back to 1996. Actually I completed my unix assignment at uni on linux that year. But it wasn’t until about 6 years a go that I really got into it. It has been a gradual progression and I love firing up servers on Linode and getting things up and running. Of course these last 6 years I have been running nothing but linux on my desktop. What a joy to finally be free from Microsoft!!


Its great to have you here. I’m away just for a bit as a family member is unwell. But that’s why these forums are great. It’s not only my content or articles. Look around I should be on daily from next week. Welcome!

Hey Joseph. I made a decision back in 1993 or so (at the release of Windows 3.0) to never use Windows, and I have pretty much stuck with it. At the time I ran a NeXT Cube (which I still own), and after that I ran Linux desktops until I switched to Mac OS X for my desktop systems. I have never owned a Windows desktop PC, and other than having to use one for my brief stint of DoD work, my rule is still pretty much in place. I do occasionally have to access a Windows Server via RDC, but that’s only to run a browser in the data center to access a rack server BMC.

Welcome, I know you will love being MS-free!

I am a long-time IT industry architect, primarily in the infrastructure/data center world. I was involved in the first “open systems” data center at EDS back in 1996. Back then we were supporting AIX, Solaris, SVR4 Unix, etc. Linux wasn’t really a thing yet. Name a physical platform or an OS and I have probably supported it at one point. These days, I am sales support for a Managed Services company.


Welcome to the community @joetavares. :handshake:

…Tell me your age without telling me your age. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice introduction! It’s great to have your experience here!

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Hello all - I’m lex. Brand new to the scene as a participant - starting a career change from medical world to IT/Infosec.
I’ve been a lurker on a number of forums and subreddits, but just recently decided to make the jump.
The comradery and willingness to help has really made my decision an easy one to dive into head first.
Thank you for the hospitality!


Welcome, @lex. Lots of good people here.

Greetings from England,

I’m a regular obsessive software developer mainly focusing on “utility” software. Although I hope to get into game development. I have experiance with the Windows, Arch-Linux and Debian operating systems. I know CommonJS, ECMAScript, Python, HTML + CSS and I am currently learning Rust.

Hope everyone is well!

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Thanks for joining us. Great to have you Dominic. I see you have already started adding useful info for all of us to bounce off of. :handshake:

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I have been working as a project coordinator and project manager since 2011 for various system integration projects. Since 2019, I have been playing around with Raspberry Pis as a hobby. Overclocking lead to ZRAM and it lead me to this site. Thanks for letting me join the community!


I appreciate you taking the time to join us. I started the blog around 2011, and the only thing missing was being able to interact with peers like you—honored to have you here! I hope these forums allow us all to connect and enjoy bidirectional communication. :handshake:

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Howdy Lex, welcome! Sorry I’m late :smiley:

welcome Joe! Now I don’t feel like a fossil any more

Good Luck with Rust, It looks kinda like C++ to me … So I’m scared to try to learn it :rofl:

Hello , I am developer, l like to work with opensources products on PHP


Hi Rafael! Thanks for taking the time to join us.

Hey Folks,

I am a Cloud Engineer working for a FOSS based company providing a public OpenStack cloud. I am part of the team that is responsible for providing the backend services such as Ceph, Swift, databases and also managing the upgrade and daily running of the related host nodes.

I am interested in automation and scripting as well as general way to just “do things better” and not create more pain and overhead by trying to do things right the first time.