Managing Media (Options on Linux)?

As I mentioned in another thread, I want to move away from Windows 10.

I need options for my programs, however. I need something for music and video, something for gaming, as well as other general programs most people use. I prefer open-source. What are some suggestions that I can find on Linux?

Well for editing, I would go with OBS. Gaming, Lutris seems to be the best bet which is what I have been using. If you want a music player then I would go with Clementine since it functions as an in-between with both Windows and Apple programs. For other things, you would have to be more specific.

OpenShot is another option that runs on Linux. Most open-source programs do at this point.

Do you have any programs you are specifically looking to replace so I can tell you what options you have?

Yeah, I probably should have been more specific, sorry!

So I want a music player similar to the one on Windows. I did look up Clementine so I will try that first.

I wasn’t fully aware I could run OBS or Openshot on Linux, so that is good news because I use both!

What would you all recommend for Word replacement?