Does anyone have a Meerkat?

I am looking to get a secondary computer for my new office space. I am moving in a few weeks and will finally have a proper office but I want to have a set up that is minimal. I figured the Meerkat would be a good option since it is small enough to mount on the back of a monitor. I don’t have to worry about uninstalling Windows or messing around with that either.

The design is very small but the specs sound good. I am just not sure if this is the “best” option for the money. Does anyone own a Meerkat? Are there other mini options that are better for the money?

Well, it is a nice computer. I don’t own one but I can tell you, that it is overpriced. You are mostly paying for the Systems 76 branding. You can compare the base Meerkat to the base Intel Nuc and see what I mean. There is nearly a $200 dollar difference for virtually the same machine. However, the Intel Nuc comes stocked with Windows.

If I were to want a mini, I would just get the cheaper option and get rid of Windows myself and put the Linux distro I want on it. I am not one to pay a large price tag for convenience. Just my opinion on it.

Personally I bought a Lenovo M900 Tiny – got the idea from our host and from STH’s “Project TinyMiniMicro.” The M900 tiny is a lot larger than a NUC/Meerkat, but I paid only $200 for it (maybe it was $300) a couple years ago, for a system with 32GB RAM and some local storage. I run ESXi on it, and I use my filer for NFS-based datastores, so local storage is inconsequential to me. RAM and CPU are what I paid for.

I would like to eventually (in the next few years) replace the M900 tiny with something better. The CPU is fine, but I need more RAM – the M900 replaced a Del R610 with 192GB RAM, and the 32GB limit is hard for me to live under.