Which desktop environment is your favorite?

I’m currently on Cinnamon. It has been my favorite thus far. It is fast, lightweight, it is similar to Windows which I had used for many years, and most things run smoothly for me. I also tried KDE Plasma but I didn’t end up sticking with it because it was glitching too much and crashed often which was annoying. Otherwise, I would have stuck with it.

Cinnamon is a good one. I have used that. I am currently using MATE because it looks and feels similar to the old GNOME 2. I also use it on an older laptop because it’s very easy on resources. Might switch back for my desktop to Cinnamon though since I do prefer it.

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Here’s another vote for Ubuntu/MATE. It’s got just the right amount of eye candy while still retaining the look/feel I’m used to.


KDE is my main right now but I am always switching. I tend to come back to it though as it is the one I feel meets my needs the most. I keep my door open though to other options. Things are always changing in the wonderful world of Linux!

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KDE tends to be a bit buggy. At least for me. I mean I had issues with it crashing at least a few times a week. Not sure why either. I tried to source the issue but it seems it is just something that happens on there.

I have seen this online several times from different people but there are also people who have no issues with it at all. I feel like this comes down to your actual computer/build. I am not sure why that is. I never got it to run without bugs but a friend of mine has no issues at all.

DE’s only, hmmm… Gnome > XFCE > KDE

Overall, Cinnamon. This seems to be a very popular one and there is a good reason behind it. Second to that, I would say Mint. Both I have used time and time again and always go back to.

Preferred lightweight desk: minimal IceWM, IceWm for operations hosts/laptops, on blender/office stations running with xfce.

I run Gnome flashback, but I’m considering switching to Mate. Gnome shell has a couple of bugs that are killing my performance (CPU is stuck at 100% until I reboot) and I liked Gnome 2 better than Gnome 3 (it’s just horrid and I like the top bar). I tried KDE Plasma and I wasn’t impressed. XFCE looks to much like Windows (maybe it’s just me) for my liking.