Where does linux save clipboard info?

Sometimes I have weirdness with clipboard. When pasting into a browser I end up with something I’d previously copied rather than what I just copied. This happens perhaps 1 in 100 times and when it does I can’t delete or change what I just pasted. I have to refresh and then everything is fine.
Is there a way to purge previous clipboard entries or would a clipboard manager be a better approach, one which would give me even more options?

Hi @chascates,

Clipboard is probably one of my most important and most used features of desktop Linux.

Often I cut and paste 100+ pieces of text each day, including code, commands, URLs, api, keys, opt/2fa, etc.

Having clipboard history helps because, almost always, I’m multitasking. So having a reliable clipboard history with at least the last 100 copied text kept, can save a TON of time and energy.

Over the years and depending on my DE or WM, I’ve always relied on one of the following:

  1. Clipboard-indicator (currently using this. Set to keep my last 200 copied.)
  2. ClipIt clipboard manager
  3. Clipman (Wayland)

I have used others, but I have found bugs such as what you describe in others. For example, some of the other clipboard managers I’ve tried get mixed up when copying a mix of images then text or during certain other unknown conditions.

I would recommend giving one of these a try. Then tweak its settings accordingly.

Screenshot of my current clipboard indicator settings:

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Great, thanks.
Also thanks again for the Firewalla. Just unboxed it. Surprised by the unit’s small size and impressed by the packaging (as a former printer).

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