What option is most like Windows 10?

I want to move away from Windows. I was going to upgrade to Windows 11 but I am to a point where privacy means more to me and I want to get away from an OS that is known for collecting and selling data. There is only so much you can do to protect yourself on Windows.

That being said, I am used to working on Windows 10 and I do like it, minus the privacy issues. What options does Linux have that are a lot like Windows 10 in functionality and look?


It has a layout chooser that essentially allows you to emulate Windows 10 and Windows 11. It will look and feel like Windows is what I am saying. This is the one a lot of people who are moving away from Windows prefer.


Zorin OS will probably be at the top of most people’s recommendations and with good reason.

Another option would be Kubuntu. It is not a flashy distro and tends to come off a bit bland/plain but it functions amazingly well.

Then there is always Linux Mint which is what I started out with because I wanted more customization options and a sleeker look.

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agree with @glitch and @cach on Zorin os, another one worth looking is elementary os, a replacement for windows/mac os.


I agree with the Zorin suggestion. They have improved their GUI and UX so much over the last couple of years! I wrote briefly about Zorin here as well:

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Thanks, everyone! I am going to check on Zorin tonight and see if I can get it running. I will give it a few days to a week before I decide if I will stick with it or not. Based on what I have seen it does seem very similar which is what I was after.