Webpc: Personal cloud desktop in your browser

Originally published at: Webpc: Personal cloud desktop in your browser

We want to share with you our product, Webpc – A personal cloud desktop that focuses on privacy and simplicity. It’s a perfect use case if you want to test some code, run apps in a remote environment, or want to add an extra layer of security and privacy without spinning up a VM. Webpc…

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Alex, thanks for sharing Webpc with our community, for the generous 15% discount and some free hours for Patrons. Webpc is fantastic and it will be great watching how it continues to evolve!

Thank you for the share :+1:
Will look into it

Thanks for sharing, do they give you a choice of Distros? The one shown in the Demo is kinda Windows-ish.

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Hey, currently we only offer Ubuntu 20.04 with xfce4 Gnome environment.

If you have any preferences or suggestions I would love to listen. If you guys want other distros or desktop environments it will not take long to implement.

I know choices are a bit opinionated right now…


This looks really cool. Im actually more interested with the VPN service. Bookmarked! :ok_hand:

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So is that what Ubuntu comes with is xfce by Default? The personal Cloud thing might be a way to try different Desktops and Windows managers without screwing up a perfectly good system and not having to mess with Virtual machines (if your computer isn’t that powerful). Do they charge per machine created?

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Its a good solution if you want to keep some applications remote. Can be a browser, code editor, discord and so on. Nope we use xfce as its light on the system and doesnt consume too many resources.

Yep we only charge per machine per hour

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