Virtualisation OS

What hypervisor OS would you recommend as experienced user(s)?

  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

  • XCP-ng 8.2.1 LTS

  • CentOS 7

Or is it something else?

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+1 for Ubuntu server.

I guess I may have misunderstood, if he wants a base OS, UBUNTU for sure. :+1:

For those of you don’t know what I referring in original post. The XCP-ng is meant to be this (

Also thanks for the congratulations.

@Ben Well this may turn your head. Especially when combined with Xen Orchestra (Xen-Orchestra ✦ Web Interface for XenServer).

Yeah I’ve heard Lawrence talk about that on YouTube. I’ve never tried it tho. Are the resources fairly low similar to ESX and proxmox?

@Ben Here’s a link to the system requirements to run it.

Ubuntu gets my vote. I think it is a great option for both experienced and moderate users. There is a nice balance. You can make the most of it with more experience but you can also make use of it as some who is only somewhat experienced.