Share your OS, Distro, Desktop setup - (screenshots, photos)

I didn’t know this was possible. Going to have to give this a try. All the programs/apps run smooth on it as well? I will have to boot up my old PC to do this since I wiped Windows off my main PC.

@ Matt: You asked “I’m curious to know if I can do a core Debian install?”
Assuming WSL has a Virtual Machine to it then yes. WSL is supposed (<-note that word) to be it’s own DE. So you can run Linux Programs on Winblows.
Myself I did a Net Install of Debian Testing and it works beautifully. I kept Win 10 for the Wife and in case I need it for remote work.

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Thanks @tmick. Appreciated. After my earlier post, I was thinking VMWARE or VirtualBox, but Registry/other-issues made them unattractive. I’d written off WSL a few years back, but seeing Hayden’s post, and yours, gives me reason to look into it again. I’m thinking since it’s an MSFT product, its supposed (<-note that word :slight_smile: ) install/uninstall cleanly. I’m getting real annoyed with MSFT apps at the moment, and getting Linux in a VM is rising in priority.