Server as a NAS(opinions about OS?)


I have a dell C1100 server with these parts:

2x xeon x5670
96GB ddr 3 reg
2x 2TB NAS drives
1x 240GB SSD
#Modified Coolers for cpu’s#
Placed in an homemade rack

Total noise ~35dB

So it’s built for beeing able to be in the office and not dedicated "server hall":rofl:

I’m currently using Unraid at the moment,and it seems to work well however i want to get the most out of my setup aka backups,programs for the family,maybe some streams etc

Am i on the right track or will something else be better? I know that server can be to much for just NAS,but i got it for like 90USD(used in a server center for 80hrs​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

I also got a dell poweredge 1950 that i need to find a usage for😁 anyone got any ideas?

I like using XPENOLOGY for my back up NAS. Give that a try.

I am tempted to move to TrueNAS scale tho.

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TrueNAS is probably the best choice and the most common.

ZFS is really robust and will reliably backup your data. Very easy to restore from snapshots as well.

I tried truenas at first but i had great problems with the samba shares “dissapering” or become not reachable…this was however on a RPI4 with truenas and not on this server machine,it was also pre updates to the newer and better version of Truenas.

The name was FreeNas then i think,might give it another go,but is it really better than Unraid?

I know switching discs is easier on unraid,but if you have your setup done already Truenas is great!:+1: