Sample MySQL 8 Config, Tuning & Discussion

First recommendation is not to depend on innodb_dedicated_server = 1.

When innodb_dedicated_server is enabled, InnoDB automatically configures the following variables:

(innodb_log_file_size and innodb_log_files_in_group are deprecated in MySQL 8.0.30. These variables are superseded by the innodb_redo_log_capacity variable.)

Only enable innodb_dedicated_server if the MySQL instance resides on a dedicated server where it can use all available system resources. For example, consider enabling innodb_dedicated_server if you run MySQL Server in a Docker container or dedicated VM that only runs MySQL.

That said, with a innodb_dedicated_server enabled, you won’t gain any performance by using innodb_dedicated_server if you instead just set the automatically configured MySQL variables optimally. So, this setting is more of a convenience, as it will simply automatically configure the variables to ~ what you should be using anyway.

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Suggestion for MySQL 8 enable slow query log and fix those queries. Also choose InnoDB Over MyISAM as MyISAM is old news.