Quick Tip for a more stable Arch Linux experience

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Disclaimer: Everything below has been published previously online in Arch’s extensive wiki. However, for whatever reason there’s still a lot of misinformation about Arch’s stability and many users are not aware that these published tips exist. This short article aims to raise awareness of the best routes for a more stable Arch Linux experience. That’s not…

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Arch Linux is one I have messed around with but never stuck with mostly down to the instability issues I was having. This is interesting. I am going to have to try this. I do like the rolling release. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to mess around with updates on other distros. Sometimes needing to do a complete reinstall.

I keep being put off by the lengthy set up time with Arch. The stability issues were never a major hindrance for me but I like knowing there is a solution. Would you happen to have a guide on setting up Arch to make it less time consuming?

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Hi Rexx. Thanks for asking! Yes, you can use the Archinstaller. GitHub - archlinux/archinstall: Arch Linux installer - guided, templates etc.

Here’s a great video guide:

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Awesome! I am going to check this out tonight. If I have time, I will get it going tomorrow. If not, next weekend. Can’t wait to see it in action.

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Hello, some updates and corrections

i686/x86-64 general-purpose GNU/Linux

It is x86_64 only since late 2017

Install Skype with pacman -S skype

This has never been a valid command, skype has never been in the official repository and pacman don’t deal with AUR pkgbuilds

The skype pkgbuild no longer exist, there is skypeforlinux-stable-bin now AUR (en) - skypeforlinux-stable-bin

@FabioLolix Thanks so much! This article was first published on November 19th, 2014, so I really appreciate this type of feedback to keep the advice current.

Note Skype used to be in the multilib repo.

So it used to be that you just allowed the multilib repo by uncommenting it:

sudo vi /etc/pacman.conf

Then just update pacman

sudo pacman -Syu

and install Skype

sudo pacman -S skype

Making those updates to the article now.

P.S. Welcome to the forums! :handshake: