PHP 8: Only 3% installed it. Here's why

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This morning, I read a comment by one of our online community members discussing some of the reasons behind the slow adoption of PHP 8. One member stated that it’s due to PHP compatibility issues across new releases. In contrast, another put it down to the fact that important software/frameworks did not support PHP 8…

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Microsoft not supporting PHP 8 is a pretty big deal in and of itself.

I think it comes down to people mostly using shared hosting and the previous would be the most stable for them. For people who self-host, they are more likely to use 8.0/8.1 and have a fallback in place if something doesn’t run on the newer version.

Yea, that’s definitely part of it as well.

I was going to say similar to Glitch.

Most people I know don’t host themselves but use a provider who does it for them. Even businesses do this. Heck, I would for a company which manages websites for people and we up-sell those hosting services and make a profit from it.

I think things will change though and maybe they are anticipating it.