MySQL, MariaDB or Percona: Which do you prefer? And why?

MySQL, MariaDB or Percona. Which do you prefer and why?

We had a new custom hosted client on StackLinux today. (Fully mananged NVMe based Linux cloud servers) His application is 10x faster on our servers but there’s on function that hangs, turns out it was due to MariaDB incompatibly with MySQL 5.7.

I preferred MariaDB up to version 5.5 for the very reason they stated at the top of this page:
MariaDB versus MySQL - Compatibility - MariaDB Knowledge Base

What has been your experience and preferences?

Initially, I preferred MariaDB because it was a true drop-in replacement. However, over time that has changed and the more recent versions of MariaDB are becoming less and less compatible with MySQL.

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I haven’t used MariaDB, but MYSQL is my go-to for stability for specific applications, such as Gitea and Kuma but I read that MariaDB has better performance and threading. I may switch one day if I have a specific application needs it.