Linux benchmark scripts and tools

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This list of Linux benchmark scripts and tools should prove helpful for quick performance checks of CPU, storage, memory, and network on Linux servers and VPS. Check each script before running from the command line. Most of these scripts will benchmark the CPU, memory, storage, and network. In most cases, the CPU Model, frequency, number…

Can I ask for some scripts and examples of commands to test NVME disk in real-life-scenarios?

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Hi Adrian, welcome to the community! In addition to the benchmark scripts that are listed at the top of the linked page above; you can use dd for R/W tests. The list of commands to use is on this page.

(I used the ‘fdatasync’ flag with dd as it’s likely the closest behavior to the real-world tasks, for dd).

You can also use hdparm. Something like sudo hdparm -tT /dev/nvme0n1:

Use lsblk -t or fdisk -l for a list of your disks and partitions.

dd requires mounted partitions for the test, while hdparm does not.

For a closer real-world performance of your NVMe use bonnie++ or similar tools.

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This is handy, thanks! I just bookmarked the page and will be testing some of these out later tonight. If I find any issues with the scripts, I will let you know.