Improving OpenVPN performance and throughput

Originally published at: Improving OpenVPN performance and throughput

OpenVPN, Wireguard, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP, or others. If you had the luxury of choosing, which VPN protocols would you use? Therein lies my problem. In my current use case, I must find a way to improve OpenVPN performance and throughput. You may have been following my Linux home lab build. One of the most…

Great post, really nice to read.
Ubiquity hardware/software is to be reckoned with, but one might not want to dismiss core Unix/Linux open-source software on bare-metal as well.

I’m running OPNsense on a mini PC (not wanting to advertise so I won’t link anything unless asked for) and I’m near line-rate performance on a Gigabit fiber connection, on my home network, with lots of vlan, firewalling, QoS, etc…

Sure, VPN eats a lot of resources and I need to do some more thorough testing, and it’s very true that ovpn, though quick and easy to setup, is not really shinning in the performance department, but If I recall correctly, I could get around 40 to 50 percent bandwidth depending on endpoint and parameters with my hardware (which is an ‘affordable’ 150$ box btw.)

So as a *nix and open-source advocate, you might want to consider these alternatives as well, and give them a fair trial in your testing.

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Agreed with Ubiquiti. Also, the value isn’t there anymore, especially now with price gouging, so many items out of stock.

Have a look at this TP-Link lineup (hard to beat the value for a home lab type rack setup):
Router: VPN Router - Gigabit Routers for Business - TP-Link (+ OpenVPN client)
Switch: TL-SG2210MP | JetStream 10-Port Gigabit Smart Switch with 8-Port PoE+ | TP-Link
Controller: OC200 | Omada Hardware Controller | TP-Link
Access points: Access Points | TP-Link

If you want to use Wiregaurd, then can add or replace the router with on an RPi 4.

Or use a Brume (GL-MV1000) Edge Computing Gateway | No WiFi Module– GL.iNet router. (supports Wireguard client up to 250 Mbps ISP speed)

Just one example, And there are a bunch of other Ubiquiti alternatives out there.