I asked 12 APM companies about the future of APM

Originally published at: https://haydenjames.io/asked-apm-companies-about-the-future-of-apm/

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) first started in the late 1990s with companies such as Precise (acquired by Symantec, spun off and then acquired by Idera), Wily Technology (acquired by CA Technologies) and Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP Software Division). In the 2000s APM tools continued to be acquired by larger vendors. Then over the past decade,…

I never understood moving away from supporting smaller businesses to begin with. I am glad to see that these APM companies have kept that in mind moving forward. When it comes to online spaces, small businesses are going to be popping up more and more in the coming years.

Do you have any recommendations for someone who is just starting their own business looking for an APM client to work with?

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This is all great news. Moving forward, I think we will see a huge expansion on people not only working from home but running businesses from home. Having APMs adapt to this and prioritize it moving forward shows they are paying attention to the trends.