htop: Quick Guide & Customization

Originally published at: htop: Quick Guide & Customization

htop is an interactive system monitor and a process viewer, process manager, trace tool and more. Sysadmins may opt to use htop when Unix top does not provide enough information about system processes. htop uses a cursor-controlled interface for sending signals to processes. One example where this comes in handy is: you don’t have to…

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What would you say are the most useful columns in htop? I remove everything between PRI and SHI and just add IOPS.

I’ve always wished for custom colors schemes as well, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add them. Have I missed it?

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I second that ^

Having an option to colorize them would be amazing. I have not found an option for it though. I like to keep everything organized on my work and home PC using color codes.

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