How can I get my music onto my iPod?

So I have been needing to use my laptop for this since it uses Windows. I want to move away from Windows completely but I can’t manage my music on my iPod without it right now. I have tried a few different options but none seem to work properly for me in Linux. I even tried using Wine to launch the iTunes app/program but it would not work.

I use CopyTrans on Windows which allows me to manage folders and everything. I need something like this on Linux. Not sure if my distro matters but I am on Fedora.

I have tried Floola and Rhythmbox for my iPhone and neither would work. I also tried an older iPod I have and again, couldn’t get it to function right. I did however have success with aTunes. Depending on your distro, it can be a pain in the butt to get getting though.

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Rhythmbox is meant to work but I have heard of people having issues with it. I did try it and have not been able to get it working. I also tried Floola as well and the program wouldn’t connect to my iPod. I will give aTunes a go. That one I have not tried.