Free and open-source Monitoring tools for Linux

Discuss, question and suggest below.

In surprised you didn’t add grafana+telegraf+influxdb or Prometheus to that list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ben, Grafana and Prometheus are listed at the end. But will add the others. Thanks for making the suggestions. :handshake:

Edit: Added Telegraf and Influxdb.

My mistake I must not have seen them. Thanks for the reply. :+1:

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Nice list. I have been meaning to check some of these out.

Many thanks for the list of free monitoring tools! It’s useful information. Nevertheless, I would like to have information of the impact on the performance of the server it’s running at. If there is any.
Regards, Anjo Slager.

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Good question. Most are negligent, but sometimes yes, some tools impact performance noticeably.

Generally those SaaS or self-hosted tools with agents generally have negligent performance impact as you only need to install an agent on each monitored host.

It would be great if vendors include that type info, on performance impact, as it is indeed important.

Oh and welcome to the community! :handshake: