For Patrons: 50% discount off StackLinux Linux Cloud servers

Exclusive offer for Patrons only. Order cloud servers @ 50% off.

About StackLinux
Cloud servers are powered by 3.9 GHz CPU cores + RAID 10 NVMe SSD storage with R/W speeds that are well in excess of 1GB/s of I/O and 200k IOPS!

Included by default: Network and WAF firewalls, automated DDoS mitigation, brute force protection, and applying patches/updates to your stack.

Hosting includes FREE nightly backups. We also offer remote CDP (continuous data protection) starting nightly or up to hourly.

Your server will be hand-configured for your application, database, and traffic to ensure lightning-fast server response and throughput.

For example, this forum runs 3x faster on StackLinux than on DigitalOcean’s Premium VPS.

Compare our servers today, if you find something faster that costs less we’ll refund you, no questions asked!:

Reply to this thread to claim your discount.

You are tempting me to become a supporter! haha

This is a pretty good deal from what I have looked into. As of right now, I don’t need another cloud server but I am sure I will be switching and making adjustments in the near future!

How long will this offer be on the table?

For now, this does not expire. StackLinux upgrades all clients’ hardware complimentary every 1 to 2 years. They just recently upgraded from 3.6 GHz cores to 3.9 GHz cores. As an invite and by-application-only cloud hosting service, this offer should be here for some time.

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