Firewalla Blue Plus Device Giveaway!

EDIT!! - One Firewalla Blue Plus device left! A winner will be selected from the 5 most active forum users!

Today I’m inviting you to enter the Firewalla Blue Plus device giveaway. Over the next three months (April, May, and June 2022), I will give away three (3) Firewalla Blue PLUS devices.

How to enter the giveaway contest

To enter the giveaway contest, simply follow these steps,

  1. Join the new community forums using this link.
  2. Then, participate in forum discussions with at least one post (or new thread) every 10 days.

At the end of April, May and June, I will purchase this Firewalla Blue Plus device from Amazon and ship them directly to the three winners!

How winners are selected

At the end of each month, all members who made at least one forum post every 10 days will be collected and the winner selected and informed by their signup email.

Announcement of winners

Winners will be announced in this thread and the comments section of this article (below).

Winners will be posted here! Stay tuned!

Device review


Thank you. I will keep in touch. Came here from the /r/Firewalla


Hi Ben, are you already using Firewalla? Any quick tips? Favorite model?

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Hey Hydn, not a Firewalla owner, but would love to be :slight_smile: . I’ve watched reviews online, and it seems to offer the best home security to date. I had a Cujo but they went belly up so I’ve been eyeing Firewalla on Reddit to see what others say. So far I like what I see. Their app seems great. :+1:t2:


Nice Giveaway, thanks. :vulcan_salute:

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never knew this type of device existed until I read up on it from gadgets in reddit

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Does Firewalla ever sell refurbished models? Thanks

I don’t think so. Not that I know of. But you can probably find used ones on eBay. Used devices like these are a great deal. Not much goes wrong with them over time. However, this giveaway is for new Firewalla devices as listed on Amazon.


With ~ 1 week left in the first giveaway, the active users who are entered for the Firewalla Blue Plus giveaway are:

@Ben @sfrias @KCT @TheCosmicOwl @kweiske @tmick @monet333 @chascates

Note: You may think some users are missing but be aware that some of the accounts are staff who are here to help promote forum activity and thus not eligible.

Remember, to enter the giveaway contest, follow these steps:

  1. Join the new community forums using this link .
  2. Then, participate in forum discussions with at least one post (or new thread) every 10 days.

Huh, I didn’t even know I entered the contest. So I went and googled it and it seems to be a pretty cool thing :grin: It would be an added bonus to joining the site. Besides the articles that are good.

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Agreed. Great articles and great Forum.
Hope the forum grows quickly. Enjoy settling down in a good community with other Linux users.

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Nice Giveaway. Thanks.

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Thanks for joining our tech community! If you can (optional) tell us a bit about yourself in the Introductions forum. Or paste your Linkedin profile in our Linkedin shares thread to connect. (Optional) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow great initiative!:blush: and always happy to see new people joining the community!:grin:

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The winner of the first of 3 Firewalla devices will be announced this weekend!. Stay tuned…

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I bought a Firewalla Gold for home and love it. Replaced my pfSense box, that I was always concerned about updating, was it working etc. Firewalla, has been a great addition to my home network. Now, if I win another, I will place it in my parents home, so i can more easily manage their network and keep them safe.