Does Linux have separate drives like Windows?

I have 3 different drives and I am able to use them all on Windows. I have them for different things (work, media, gaming) and I heard/read that Linux doesn’t support separate drives the same way as Windows. Is this true?

You can mount a drive, and use it as normal.
See link below:

Here is a good comparison for windows vs Linux



You have different options here for sure. You don’t have to worry about this these days. I know it was an issue back in the day on Linux but you can easily manage them on your system under Linux.

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Yep. Back in the day, it kind of sucked but now things auto mount as well

Thanks, Ben, going to look over what you posted there. I just had to make sure.

I was reading a few conflicting things but it seems they must be dated articles and posts on Reddit as I am now seeing more information about this being a non-issue these days.

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My pleasure friend :+1:

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