Do you use Linux at your place of work?

Does your boss allow you to use a Linux desktop at work?

If so, what have you replaced the typical office software with?

My boss has allowed me to switch this past week away from Windows to Linux. I am using openSUSE. I replaced Microsoft apps with OnlyOffice and it has been working great - It even integrates well with SharePoint.

I have brought it up a number of times but my boss is very reluctant to switch or even allow some employees to use it. Apparently he allowed this for someone prior to me working with the company and the guy posed a huge security risk. I just don’t see how he was able to do that unless it was intentionally. Someone who worked with him and still is with the company believes it was intentional. Sadly, it has soured my boss’ views on Linux and I won’t be using it for work anytime soon.

As I mentioned in another thread, it is easier to start a company with Linux than it is to move one to Linux from Windows.

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When I work from home (50% of the time) I am using a Ubuntu set-up. While I can’t use it in the office, I am able to use it in my home office so that is good enough for me. I would assume not unless your company already has a blend or Linux base, most owners of tech companies that have already been established will be reluctant to allow their workers to use something different.

The containers count? If so yes!

When it comes to servers, we do. The main desktops thought that everyone work on are running Windows unfortunately. I just bring my laptop that has Fedora installed on it to work with me so when I can get away with avoid Windows, I do.

I wish! I am hoping within the next 5 or so years, that transition away from Windows happens. It would be so much cheaper for the company and more secure. I think a lot of older business owners still trust Windows and paid software vs open source and community functioning.

I made a thread expressing I would like to convince my boss/company owner to migrate away from Windows and what it would take to do so. I have brought it up again since making that thread and he didn’t seem as outwardly annoyed by my suggestion. He didn’t say no, he just told me to talk to him about it in the new year. So we will see.