Career: Tips for getting remote Linux related jobs?

Any tips or opportunities for a newbie who is interested in getting into Linux related remote jobs? Please feel free to share your story :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend getting the Linux+ certs and installing Linux so you can get a feel for it too. Then just apply to Linux jobs.


Remote jobs seem to be more common these days but I still don’t see many offering work related to Linux that do not require extensive knowledge. I think getting certification is a wise first step. People looking to hire others want to know they are hiring people that know what they are doing so they don’t waste time. Once you get certified, you can start looking!

I don’t know where you are located but in the US, Florida appears to have the most Linux remote work out there. Many places do require workers to be in office a few days a week however so if you need a 100% remote job, it will be hard to track down. Make use of LinkedIn and Indeed to scope out options and see what is available to match what you are after.

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