Analyze Your Website's TTFB (Time to First Byte)

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Have you improved the load time of your websites and web applications recently? Or, maybe your web store or other web app is now slower to respond as you’ve added more features or due to data growth? The time it takes for your web applications to respond when users visit is more important than ever…

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TTFB for my websites used to be pretty poor.

I recently migrated my server to a provider with better network connectivity and implemented a CDN, this improved the TTFB a lot. I’d love to get the whole website fully HTML cached in Cloudflare as well.


So many people overlook this on their sites and wonder why their traffic is stagnant or even declines. When I was still running a blog, I had huge growth out the gate but it trickled over time and eventually was at 80% what it once was. Had I actually looked into the TTFB for it, I could have probably saved it. Too late now! Was a nice side earner for me for a few years at least.